Module Overview

Periodisation & Olympic Lifts2

Module Aims: To provide information and expertise on the use of Olympic Lifts in programme design. To ensure the capability to execute Olympic Lifts To provide an theoretical underpinning of per iodisation To provide an in depth knowledge of the complexity of per iodisation techniques. To ensure expertise in Programme Planning. To develop the mechanisms for monitoring and controlling resistance programmes. To provide the coaching technique to teach these Olympic lifts. To impart the expertise to record and analyse performance To critically evaluate Olympic lift performance To critically assess periodisation plans and theories

Module Code

SMCO H3022

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Periodisation Methods

Bompa, Verkhoshansky, Siff

Training Variables and Preparations

Volume, Intensity, Time

Rest and Recovery

Unloading, Adaptation, Supercompensation

Training Cycles

Micro cycles, Mesocycles, Macro cycles

Session Planning

Training Variables and Micro cycle

Annual Training Plan

Structure, Function and Design

Strategic Sports Specific Plans

Peak, Double Peak, Maintenance, Active Rest

Long Term Planning

Setting Goals, Monitoring and Control, Review, Reflect, Renew


Mechanics of Overhead SquatMechanics of 1st Pull/2nd Pull SnatchMechanics of Snatch and VariationsMechanics of JerkMechanics of Clean and Jerk

50% Periodisation - The requirements of the module are for the learner to acquire the skills to develop a detailed Strength & Conditioning Periodisation plan for an elite athlete. The lectures in this module provide the learner with the fundamental knowledge and skills to support them in the development of the detailed periodisation plan. Following completion of the periodisation plan learners are required to complete a detailed presentation on the developed plan.

50% Practical classes in Olympic Lifts - The requirements of Practical elements of the module are for the Learner to develop the skills to be able to complete, coach and assess athletes completing Olympic lifts (specifically the Snatch movements).


Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100