Module Overview

Skills for Success in Social Care Education

This module supports learners in developing a range of behaviours and attitudes to underpin success in higher education and within the workplace. It provides learners who are new to higher education with a range of skills and techniques designed to support their learning and on-going personal and professional development within diverse environments. It fosters a sense of inquisitiveness among learners to facilitate depth of exploration and enquiry. Specifically, the module focuses on equipping learners for the demands of higher education and the modern workplace, who can develop and share knowledge through the development and application of key practical skills comprising of the following themes: Personal Organisation and Study, Oral and Written Presentation (in academic contexts), Teaching and Learning, Reflective Practice and Basic Computer Skills.

Module Code

SSSC H1011

ECTS Credits


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Behaviours and Strategies

Assessment types in Higher Education, The Grading System, Rote Learning vs Critical Thinking. Time Management and Planning Strategies. Developing independent learning skills and developing a Personal Learning Network.


The purpose of a presentation. The importance of preparation. Using the correct medium & presenter aids. Design & Structure - Scope, Layout, Flow, Supporting Evidence. Effective Delivery - Format, Conviction, Non verbal communication. Fielding questions. Challenges associated with delivering presentations.

Academic Writing

Writing skills associated with structure, clarity, flow and proof reading. Defining Plagiarism and how to avoid it. The role of Referencing and how to incorporate it. Harvard Style Referencing Guidelines. The importance of Critical Evaluation. Distinguishing between Essays, Reports and Reflective Writing.

Teaching and Learning

The basic principles of effective teaching and learning. The role of the teacher and learner. Recognising individual learning needs, styles and expectations of learners. Applying Teaching Strategies appropriate to the needs of learners. Domains of Learning. Fundamentals of Group Development and Roles.

Computer Applications

Ms Word - Basic formatting, Printing Word documents. PowerPoint - Designing slide masters, Printing presentations. Presentation Content: Choosing layouts, Generating slides, Notes page, Inserting Text boxes, Views, Using Slideshow.

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100