Module Overview

Working Creatively with Service Users

The purpose of this module is to consider the important role of creative and recreational interventions within a range of social care settings. Students will sample a range of creative and recreational experiences in order to engage with their own creativity. The use of creativity as a tool to build relationships based on partnership will be explored. The importance of acting in the best interests of service users with due regard to their will and preference and of exercising a professional duty of care will be emphasised.

Module Code

SSSC H1014

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Role of creativity and recreation in social care

Exploring students own creativity - Experiencing creativity as a means of self awareness and self expression - Creative activities and relationship building - Working in partnership using creative approaches - Using various approaches of art, drama, music, play and recreation as tools in social care.

Planning and Facilitation

The theory behind facilitation - ­­Designing and planing a session to meet the needs of specific service user groups - Evaluating and revising creative interventions incorporating service user responses - Considering duty of care within creative and recreational activities

Supporting Autonomy

Exploring will and preference using creative means - Supporting and recording informed consent - Supporting service users to communicate their choices, needs and concerns


Exploring creativity as a means of communication - Adapting and modifying communication to suit the service user - Creativity as a way of joining service users in communication

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100