Module Overview

Professional Practice - Skills

This module extends the content of professional practice 1 context module from semester one by identifying the skills needed in social care service provision. The focus of the module is skills based and will move the social care student on from a descriptive understanding social care toward attaining the skills needed for care work.During the course of this module, students will examine issues relating specifically to the roles, skills and professional obligations of the care worker within the professional environment.

Module Code

SSSC H1017

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Identification and meeting unmet need.

Identifying models of partnership working; working with basic needs assessment and identification frameworks; seeking appropriate consultation with relevant others; using Periodic Service Reviews (PSR) to ensure unmet needs are monitored and addressed.

Risk assessment

Ability to understand, Risk, Harm and Hazard; Familiarisation and ability to use recognised risk assessment frameworks; awareness of legal and professional obligations in dealing with risk; ability to effectively communicate same to relevant others

Awareness and ability to manage environments

An awareness of the impact and relevance of the physical and cultural environment; an ability to manipulate and use the environment to affect positive outcome; exploring the cultural environment in social care.

Professional skills

Professional practice skills to include among others: A. Mapping of people, places and activities. B. Formal and informal teaching methods. C. Therapeutic interventions e.g. futures plans, IPP, river of life, life story books, D. proficiency in using policy and procedure documents and routine administration.

Relationship building

Be aware of and have and ability to explain different relationship types; an ability to purposefully address building a relationship with SUs; address changes in relationships through the life cycle; understand the place of power and inequality in relationships.

ADL Activities of Daily Living

Ability to measure instrumental and functional ADL: understand how the assessment of ADLs can be used in planning for positive change for SUs.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)50
Formal Examination50