Module Overview

Preparing for Social Care Practice

This module helps prepare students for their practice placement 1. The purpose of placement, roles and expectations of the student, practice educator and academic supervisor will be explored. Key concepts underpinning a professional duty of care will be discussed including developing professional relationships, personal care, respecting professional boundaries and confidentiality. Models of reflection and the use of supervision as a means to promote professional practice will be introduced to the student. Models of reflection and the benefits of ongoing continuing professional development and the importance of planning learning goals for the practice placement will also be examined.

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SSSC H1022

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Preparation for Placement

- Purpose and function of practice placement- Professional relationships and boundaries- Placement Structure Aims and Objectives- Potential Problems, difficulties and conflict in practice placement- Identifying Supports

Roles and Responsibilities while on practice placement

- Role of the tri-partite meeting - from student's, practice educator's and academic supervisors perspectives- assessment of the practice placement- how to plan, prepare, execute and evaluate interventions while on practice placements - consent, input of service users and placement setting

Professional duty of care

- How to exercise a professional duty of care- understanding key concepts such as confidentiality, whistle-blowing, respecting professional boundaries, non-judgmental attitude and managing conflict

Personal and Intimate care with service users

- Promoting best practice- Personal and Intimate care- Respect and dignity for service users- Professional relationships and trust

Reflection, evaluation of practice and ongoing CPD

- Reflection in action and reflection on action- reflective writing- models of reflection, including Kolb's (1984) learning cycle and Gibbs (1988) learning cycle- evaluation of practice, SWOT analysis,- preparing learning goals for practice placement- CPD and the developing professional

Professional Supervision and constructive feedback

- Purpose and function of supervision,- Effective use of supervision, - Using constructive feedback- Responsibilities of supervisor and supervisee

Module Content & Assessment
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