Module Overview

Social Care Practice Placement 1

Supervised placements form an integral component of the Level 7 social care programme. The purpose of the Social Care Placement 1 is to provide students with a structured opportunity to:- Learn how to develop professional relationships with service users and the multi-disciplinary term; to apply theory to a practice setting, and to learn about the role of the social care worker in a specific context- Reflect on theoretical knowledge and academic coursework and apply or 'test out' theory in a supervised professional social care setting.- Gain practical learning with the support and supervision of an experienced practitioner and develop goals for their personal and professional development. - Develop skills and competence in the work and to develop a critical reflective capacity in preparation for a future career in social care.Placements are a three-way working partnership involving TU Dublin Blanchardstown Campus, the Student and the Social Care Placement Agency. On placement, students will learn about their ethical and legal responsibilities; including confidentiality, communication skills and maintaining professional boundaries. Students will also have an opportunity to work as a member of a professional team and learn about the effect of their values and attitudes on practice. Students will also observe and assist in assessment based practice within health and safety guidelines and local and national policies and procedures.

Module Code

SSSC H2011

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Development of Knowledge and Skills

The Placement affords the student the opportunity to “test out “ their knowledge and skills within the safety of a well-structured and supervised work setting with the direction of an experienced, competent professional practice teacher. Students are expected to be supernumerary to the staff complement of the placement setting.

Relationship Development

Establishing relationships, professional boundaries, use of self, use of creative activities in relationship development, making meaningful moments.

The Social Care Placement Setting

The history of the service, the policies and procedures of the service, the role of the service in supporting the human based rights and needs of the service users.

Care Planning

Needs assessments, care planning, advocacy, empowering service users.

Professional Development

Role of self in practice, critical self-awareness, understanding impact of values and attitudes on practice.

Needs Based Intervention

Assessing needs, planning an intervention, creative approaches to meeting needs, facilitation skills, critical reflection on practice.

Professional Recording

Writing professional documents based on national and local standards, with awareness of objectivity and communiication.

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100