Module Overview

Social Psychology

In this module the student will be introduced to key issues and debates in social psychology. The module will focus on social cognition and social perception and the potential biases that may occur in these processes. The key themes to be applied include aggression, prosocial behaviour and social influence. The social psychological theory will be applied to social care settings and practice with a view to identifying the impact if others on our behaviour

Module Code

SSSC H2018

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Social Cognition

Functions of schemata.Cognitive scripts and prototypes Prejudice and discrimination Heuristics Cultural determinants of schemas and stereotypes. Social justice and empowerment

Social Perception

Attributional process ¬ Attributional biases ¬ Culture and attribution Perception of self ¬ Self-esteem ¬ Culture and self, Social identity theory Identity and perception of the world. Service user and staff application

Attitudes development

Attitudes­ The formation of attitudes­ The formation of attitudes Attitude change, Cognitive Dissonance, Persuasion, impact of others, exploring differences in attitudes and possible impact on communication

Relationships and affiliation ­

Social networks, friendships. Cultural differences in attraction and interpersonal relationships. Intercultural conflict. Power and relationships in social care. Group work and facilitation skill to improve participation of service users.

Pro-social behaviour

­ Theories to explain helping behaviour­ Factors influencing pro-social behaviour (bystander effects)­ Altruism and empathy (service users and social care workers) Links to motivations and understanding different forms of behaviour

Aggression and Conflict

­ Biological, Drive Theories, Social learning , General Aggression Model.­ Factors influencing aggression (e.g. individual differences, personality, environment)­ Bullying ­ Defining challenging behaviour, link to communication and appropriate strategies in social care.

Social Influence

Conformity, social roles and Obediance. Classical and recent research. How to develop and reduce this influence. Link to social care settings and power of relationships and groups.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination60
Other Assessment(s)40