Module Overview

Research Methods and Practice

This module aims to develop the students knowledge and understanding of the research process and their ability to conduct academic or practice based research within the social care environment. The module will familiarise students with the main research methodologies commonly utilised within the social care settings, with a focus on research from a rights based perspective. The module will develop students skills in both qualitative and quantitative data collection. Participatory methodologies will be examined in the context of research with service user populations. The module will examine the application of qualitative and quantitative methods in evaluation research looking at the evaluation of intervention efficacy through the examination of the logic model. The module will examine ethical issues pertaining to social care research, with a particular focus on issues of confidentiality and informed consent as applicable to social care populations.

Module Code

SSSC H3015

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*Curricular information is subject to change

Introduction to Research

­Research in social care and evidence based practice­Purpose and design of research­Paradigms, methodology, methodsResearch Questions

Qualitative research methods

Qualitative approachesChoosing a qualitative questionSemi structured interviews as a data collection toolParticipatory methods in qualitative researchData analysis and presentationReliability and validity

Quantitative research methods

­Quantitative approaches­Questionnaire design, sampling and administration­Data analysis and presentation ­Data input and analysis using SPSS­Univariate analysis­Bivariate analysis­Statistical significance

Evaluation Research

Process and Outcome EvaluationsDesign a logic model which articulates a theory of change by describing how an interventions is intended or assumed to produce outcomes which can be evaluated

Research Ethics

­Ethical principles in social care researchInformed consent and the National Consent PolicyIssues of limited confidentiality­Principles and procedural issues regarding research with children, adults with intellectual disabilities and other vulnerable populations.

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100