Module Overview

Professional Development

This module provides a focus for the integration of theory and practice for the professional development of the social care student. The core competencies of social care practice are examined under the theoretical underpinnings, impact on self and the practice skills required. Students will also consider the value of personal development as an integral part of working in a professional environment and examine the benefit of self-reflection as a learning tool. The significance of this module as experiential and group focused is reflected in the equal distribution of marks between the final group project and the continuous assessment.

Module Code

SSSC H3017

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*Curricular information is subject to change

Core Competences in Social Care Settings

Understanding of the Registration Board and current Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct- impact of professional registration on social care practice in IrelandDefining the core competencies of social care practice under the following heading Theoretical Underpinnings –looking at the theories and models of practice Looking at the impact of the core competencies on the self Developing social care skills

Professional Development, Feedback and Peer Review

- An understanding of professional development- Models of Feedback- Giving and Receiving Feedback- peer review and impact on improved professional development

Ongoing Professional Development and Performance management

- Impact of effective leadership, management and supervision on professional practice- understanding the importance and benefits of ongoing CPD activities for professional practice- ability to reflect on student's own professional practice and identify learning and development needs and goals and the imtegration of this new knowledge into professional practice


- The psychology of self-awareness - Social aspects of self-awareness - Learning about the self – why this is important for social care

Critical Reflection on Ethics and Values in Social Care Work

- Understanding the impact of student's values, life experience, characteristics on professional practice- critical reflection of impact on year 2 practice placement and preparation for year 3 practice placement- analysis of ethical considerations in professional practice

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100