Module Overview

Lifecycle Nutrition

This module provides an integrated overview of the relationship of diet/food/nutrient/energy intakes and human growth and development. It provides an understanding of the nutritional requirements of the human body through the life cycle; it examines the changing nature of nutritional needs in relation to growth, development and disease prevention. The possible aetiologies of diseases, affecting each subgroup of the population will be investigated; hence this module will lend itself to module, TNFT2023, Diet Health and Disease. This module uses nutritional surveys and published government policy documents to enhance understanding of nutritional requirements and recommendations for population subgroups.

Module Code

TFNT 4005

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Indicative syllabus covered in the module and / or in its discrete elements:


Maternal Nutrition – pregnancy

Infants and Toddlers and preschool children – breastfeeding,  weaning, neophobia and fussy eating

Adolescents – dietary concerns - Fad diets, dietary trends/habits, Body Image

Adults – Nutrition related chronic diseases (NRCD) and their prevention

Elderly - institutional and community settings

Fad diets/modern day dieting trends: Atkins diet, Gluten free diet, Zone diet, Paleo diet

National Nutrition Surveys and National Nutritional Policy Documents

Nutritional Research Methodology  - Role of Nutritional Epidemiology (Dietary Assessment Methodology , Biological markers - quantitative/qualitative methods

Dietary guidelines – Food Based Dietary Guidelines – their uses and derivation

Changing the populations diet – strategies to do this – role for supplementation. Fortification, novel foods, dietary change (behavioural modification).

Lectures, discussions and brief presentations, an assessment involving critical evaluation of diet and growth/disease associations at various life-stages .

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination70
Other Assessment(s)30