Module Overview

Environmental Management II

This module will enable the student to compile and audit an environmental management system for an organisation, business or company. Specialist skills in Environmental Management will be developed, as well as improving accuracy skills, problem solving, analytical and critical thinking, collaboration and teamwork, and using professional judgement and communication skills in a work-related curriculum.

Module Code

TFSM 9007

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

The syllabus supports the knowledge domain required to devise environmental management systems including ISO 14001 and EMAS. Accordingly, the syllabus begins with environmental management tools and techniques used to produce such management systems. This will be discussed against a current state of the art debate on sustainability issues including climate change, biodiversity and resource management. It will critically evaluate the range of environmental risk assessment methods currently used by professionals in this field. The range and efficacy of current global and national environmental hazards and protection strategies, both technical and managerial will then be presented. This will be followed by the range of environmental initiatives that can accompany and support environmental standards. The practice of environmental auditing together with the relevant legislation applying to organisations seeking such standards will then be presented.

Face-to-face lectures will be delivered and students will learn through in-class activities and discussions based on guided out-side contact hours reading and research.  A key feature will be problem based learning with the requirement to write an environmental management system based in ISO 14001. Here the emphasis will be on weekly formative assessment with lecturers giving feedback on a weekly basis as the management system is developed by students.  Teamwork is a requirement with groups being formed for the assessment required. A field trip to a large food manufacturing facility is also included which allows students to practice their on-site auditing skills with the organisation in question.

This module will be delivered multimodally, with the student choosing one of two options; Hyflex or attendance in class.  Content can also be delivered  as pre-recorded video or as required pre-reading of selected peer reviewed papers, articles, case studies or past dissertations


Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100