Module Overview

Fire Safety

This module looks at the nature cause and control of fire. It includes a technical analysis of fire and the control strategies available to prevent fire and control its spread. Emphasis is placed on fire risk assessment methodologies available together with an appreciation of the role of human behaviour in evacuation strategies. Active and passive fire safety elements of buildings are presented together with best practice models for fire safety management. Specialist skills in Fire Safety as well as skills in critical and analytical thinking, and collaboration and team-work will be developed in a work-related curriculum setting.

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TFSM 9014

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*Curricular information is subject to change

This module consists of technical engineering concepts related to fire safety. The syllabus will begin with the nature of fire and combustion science together with the economic and social cost of fire. Fire risk assessment methods will then be presented before moving onto means of escape from buildings, automatic fire detection and emergency lighting and the control of fire spread within buildings. At this point evacuation strategies are considered including the role of disability during evacuation, storage of flammable substances and fire-fighting techniques. The syllabus finalises with a critical evaluation of fire safety management strategies.

Face-to-face lectures will be delivered and students will learn through in-class activities and discussions based on guided out-side contact hours reading and research. A particular emphasis will be placed on real world scenarios and the assessment will include an actual fire risk assessment being conducted on an occupied building. This fire risk assessment will consist of producing dimensioned drawings, an on-site fire risk assessment and evaluation including overcrowding and space calculations and proposals for evacuating wheel chair users. Feedback from self-directed learning and group work is expected encouraged with students being set milestones for the conduct of the fire risk assessment being; group work to produce dimensioned drawings before individual self-directed learning milestones of conducting an on-site risk assessment, interpreting legal fire safety statue, writing a competent fire risk assessment, and proposing evacuation strategies.

This module will be delivered multimodally, with the student choosing one of two options; Hyflex or attendance in class.  Content can also be delivered  as pre-recorded video or as required pre-reading of selected peer reviewed papers, articles, case studies or past dissertations


Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100