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Building Assessment

This module in-stills a critical skill set in modern risk management; producing dimensioned drawings from accurate fieldwork methodology. Accuracy in describing the reality of the built environment is critical in many areas of risk such as overcrowding, travel distances, ventilation rates, and universal access.  The attention to detail required in this skill allows the development of a technical understanding of domestic and commercial construction technology as well as the inter-relationship between building technology human health and environmental management. Specialist skills in Building Assessment as well as skills in critical and analytical thinking and accuracy will be developed in a work-related curriculum setting.

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TFSM 9016

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The module begins with students being shown how to produce schematic drawings in plan section and elevation using running measurements and 30m tapes. Students are instructed to produce architectural standard dimensioned drawings of the buildings they live in to include site plans, floor plans, sections and elevations. Against this practical problem based learning background, domestic and commercial built environment technology will be introduced to include superstructure, services, and finishes. In particular, building services will be presented in lectures to cover mechanical and electrical services, hygiene and drainage and will conclude with common built environment hazards, defects and disrepair.

The emphasis here will be on developing a practical skill set with constant feedback until a mastery of dimensioned drawing production is achieved. It begins with an introduction to schematic drawing requiring the student to draw in plan and section, the lecture room inhabited. The lecturer will look at all drawings to provide instant feedback in class. This is followed by demonstrating dimensioning using running measurements with 30m tapes. Students are then invited to schematically draw and dimension their living accommodation. Using these field produced rough notes and drawings, students will then produce finished freehand architectural standard drawings of their living accommodation. At each stage of this module, students will present their work for instant feedback and review. Part of the learning strategy here is self-learning of the constructional details they will encounter when surveying their homes. In addition, commercial and domestic built environment technology will be delivered by lectures and tutorial questions, use of on-line resources.  Scale drawings will also be introduced in lectures. The module will finalise with an introductory tutorial on AutoCad using PC equipped with this programme. After this tutorial students are able to self- direct their learning by practicing AutoCad on the PC’s to include scale and presentational styles.

This module will be delivered multimodally, with the student choosing one of two options; Hyflex or attendance in class.  Content can also be delivered  as pre-recorded video or as required pre-reading of selected peer reviewed papers, articles, case studies or past dissertations

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Other Assessment(s)100