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Global Sustainability LeadershipCeannaireacht san Inbhuanaitheacht Dhomhanda

Course Title: Master of Arts (MA) in Global Sustainability Leadership

If you have at least a second-class honors degree (2.2) or its equivalent in any discipline, this program is your gateway to becoming a global leader in sustainability. Applicants not meeting the normal entry requirements but with prior experiential learning may be proposed by the Programme Coordinator for exceptional entry.

If English is not your first language you will need to provide evidence of your English language proficiency as detailed on our website.

International students who have studied their undergraduate programme entirely through English may be exempt from the minimum English Proficiency requirement. However, this is dependent on the International Student Office receiving certified documentation confirming that the undergraduate programme was studied through English. This certified documentation should be from the third level Institution where the applicant graduated with his/her undergraduate degree. TU Dublin may still request that the applicant present an English Proficiency qualification if the International Student Officer is not satisfied with the applicant's level of English. 

The MA in Global Sustainability Leadership is the result of a unique partnership between TU Dublin and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). Modules on the programme are designed and delivered by TU Dublin and UNITAR experts. The programme is unique in the global education market, with innovative teaching and learning, a diverse global lecturing team, and impact at its core. Graduates will be leaders in sustainability, peacebuilding, and conflict resolution, and champions of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Who Should Enrol?
  • Professionals: Ideal for individuals working within international, regional, governmental, or non-governmental organisations who regularly face complex sustainability challenges and need advanced skills to effectively manage and lead solutions.
  • UN System and International Organisation Employees: Specifically designed for professionals active in the United Nations system or other international entities. This program will enhance your capability to lead sustainability initiatives and make impactful decisions within these global frameworks.
  • Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs: If you are a current or aspiring leader in the business world looking to integrate sustainable practices into your strategic operations, this program will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively drive sustainability in your organisation.
  • Graduate Students and Researchers: This programme is a gateway for students and researchers in academia to expand their knowledge and engage in high-level discussions and applications of sustainability and leadership, preparing them for both academic and practical challenges in global sustainability. 
Benefits to Individuals: 
  • Career Advancement: Equip yourself with the skills and credentials to take on leadership roles in sustainability within any organisation or sector. Increase your employability and enhance your career trajectory in high-impact roles.
  • Skill Enhancement: Gain comprehensive knowledge in sustainable practices, critical thinking, and innovative problem-solving that will set you apart in the job market.
  • Network Growth: Connect with a global community of professionals, experts, and leaders through the UNITAR partnership, expanding your professional network and opportunities for collaboration. 
Benefits to Organisations: 
  • Develop Leaders: Foster a culture of innovation and proactive problem-solving as employees bring new sustainability insights and strategies from this course into the workplace.
  • Operational Efficiency: Facilitate implementation of cutting-edge practices to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability, reducing costs and improving your organisation’s bottom line.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Train your team to lead in sustainability, which not only supports compliance with global standards but also boosts your organisation’s reputation as a leader in corporate social responsibility. 

Learn more about the programme, visit the UNITAR website

The course schedule is structured to provide maximum flexibility and engagement, catering to the diverse needs of our global student body. Here’s how we ensure that our delivery aligns with your professional and personal commitments: 

1. Fully Online and Flexible: Our programme is delivered entirely online, designed to fit your schedule. You can access course materials, including lectures, readings, and assignments, whenever it suits you best, making it ideal for professionals managing career and family responsibilities. 

 2. Interactive Learning Platforms: Using our advanced Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Brightspace, we offer a blend of high-quality pre-recorded lecture videos and live sessions. This mix ensures that you receive an educational experience that is both flexible and engaging. 

 3. Live and On-Demand Access: Choose to attend live seminars and guest lectures for real-time interaction or utilise the recorded versions for later review. This flexibility ensures that you can engage with the course content actively or passively, depending on your availability. 

 4. Rich Interactive Components: Our course includes moderated discussion forums where you can engage with peers and instructors. These forums are designed to foster a vibrant learning community, enabling you to share insights, ask questions, and discuss real-world applications of course concepts. 

 5. Scheduled Reviews and Assessments: Each semester includes a structured timeline that integrates teaching weeks and assessment periods. Lectures run from Week 1 to Week 12, with a reading week in Week 7 to provide you with time to reflect and catch up. Assessments are carefully scheduled to give you ample time to prepare, ensuring that you can perform to the best of your abilities. 

By enrolling in our program, you join a community of learners who are flexible, engaged, and committed to making a significant impact in the fields of sustainability and leadership. The schedule is crafted to allow you to learn at your own pace while staying connected with a global network of professionals. 

Applications are now open.



Application Deadline: Please submit your application by 31 July to be considered for the upcoming academic session. We encourage you to apply early to secure your place.

Non-EU Students

Non-EU students, not resident in Ireland, may only apply for part-time programs that are exclusively offered online, applications for courses that require on-campus attendance will not be processed and the application fee will not be refunded.  Applications for exclusively online courses can be made under the following guidelines:

  1. Standard Part-Time Rate: Non-EU students can apply and pay tuition fees at the standard part-time rate for the chosen program.
  2. No Student Visa Required: Non-EU students applying for 100% online part-time courses do not require a student visa for Ireland.
  3. No Residency Status Needed: Applicants do not need to possess any residency status in Ireland to be eligible for online programs as there is no requirement to travel to Ireland.

I would strongly recommend studying Sustainability Leadership at TU Dublin. Their programmes are innovative, forward-thinking, and thought-provoking. I started with no real knowledge of sustainability, and by the end of the program, I had grasped its principles and could incorporate them into my personal and professional lives.
Alan Hobbs, Head of Global Irish Business, Enterprise Ireland.

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Level 9


Master of Arts


2 years

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Mode of Study

Part Time

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September 2024





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