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Clinical Measurement ScienceEolaíocht Tomhais Chliniciúil

Course Title: Higher Diploma in Clinical Measurement Science

Applicants from those residing in geographical locations across the country are particularly welcome as opportunities for placement and employment are considerable in regional locations.

Application Closing Date: 30th April 2024 

Entry to this course will be based on a competitive selection process. Normally, applicants must hold a degree at Level 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications with at least a grade of 2:2, or equivalent. The programme studied must contain introductory science and mathematics modules and intermediate/advanced modules in anatomy and physiology.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Each applicant will be scored according to the following criteria; Classification achieved in relevant degree; ECTS credits in introductory science, mathematics and intermediate/advanced anatomy/physiology modules; Postgraduate experience in relevant area. Candidates may be invited to interview.                                                    

Applicants must provide copies of transcripts from all years of study and verification of classification of degree award attained in their previous degree with their application, transcripts must include ECTS credits and grades achieved. Applications without this documentation will not be considered.                    

Note that each offer of a place on this course will be made with an allocated major and minor clinical discipline based on (i) the requirement to have hospital based practice education places available for each student; and (ii) the employment needs of the sector as determined through consultation with the profession.                                                
The clinical disciplines are Cardiac Physiology, Respiratory Physiology, Neurophysiology and Vascular Physiology.

This two year Higher Diploma in Clinical Measurement Science is designed to educate and train Clinical Physiologists who will gain employment principally in clinical hospital laboratories performing diagnostic tests in the areas of Cardiac Physiology, Neurophysiology, Respiratory Physiology or Vascular Physiology. This is a graduate entry programme and is at level 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications, it is designed as an entry route to this profession for suitably qualified graduates.

As a graduate entry programme, students build upon their prior studies.

Stage 1 is designed to provide a strong foundation in diagnostic instrumentation, clinical diagnostics and disease pathologies. The second part of this stage is largely hospital-based to allow students develop diagnostic testing skills in patient centered hospital environments. There are four clinical disciplines associated within the course and each student studies two of these. The two disciplines studied will be determined at point of entry to the course. Each student will undertake an eight week period of practice education in a hospital laboratories in each assigned discipline. In addition, a further 6 weeks of placement will be undertaken, post examination and concluding by the end of June of stage 1.

Stage 2 of the programme comprises taught material, hospital based clinical placement, specialist seminars and a major research project. In this stage the students continue their studies in both of their stage one clinical disciplines and undertake a 13 week clinical placement and a major project in one of these two disciplines. The latter is referred to as the students’ major discipline upon graduation. The second discipline studied is referred to as the minor discipline.

Stage 1 Modules

  • Medical Instrumentation & Imaging
  • Pharmacology
  • Clinical Measurement Science & Disease Pathology
  • two of the following clinical modules - Cardiac Physiology 1, Respiratory Physiology 1, Neurophysiology 1, Vascular Physiology 1.

Hospital placement is integral to the clinical modules.

Stage 2 Modules

  • Advanced Medical Measurements I
  • Advanced Medical Measurements II
  • Pharmacology II
  • Final Yera Project
  • Final Stage Hospital Placement
  • two of the following clinical modules - Cardiac Physiology 2, Respiratory Physiology 2, Neurophysiology 2, Vascular Physiology 2.

This is a full-time course. The first stage commences with a period of 12 weeks that are college based, undertaking lectures, tutorials, online elements and practical clinical and laboratory sessions, assessments and examinations. Following this, students undertake 2 x eight week hospital based placements, supported by hospital based practice educators and college based clinical tutors. Following examinations students undertake a further 6 weeks hospital placement.                                                                         

Stage 2 of the programme is largely college based for the first semester and comprises lectures, tutorials, online elements, assessments and examinations. Semester 2 comprises hospital based clinical placement, specialist seminars and a major research project.

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Higher Diploma


2 Years

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Full Time

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September 2024


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