Electronic & Information Engineering / Innealtóireacht Leictreonach

Programme Title: Higher Certificate in Electronic and Information Engineering

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English O6/H7 Irish 06/H7/F3

Other Grade Requirements

O6/H7 required in all remaining modules. Pass in Foundation Level Irish (F3) is acceptable for this courses

Applications from QQI Level 5 AND 6 are welcome. Further details at www.tudublin.ie/qqi

Mature applicants (23+) are welcome. Further details at www.tudublin.ie/mature

Technicians are required to complete two years of specialised education, leading to a Higher Certificate in Electronic and Information Engineering. You’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of electronics, computers, networking, data, and software systems. You will learn about capturing data, using data to control systems, information communications systems,  as well as network engineering and programming.

In Year 2, working on a hands-on project and solving a real engineering problem, will help you to develop strong design and practical skills. Finding solutions to problems is a major part of any engineering job. At the end of the programme, you’ll understand the operation of computer based systems and be ready to work at technician level in an advanced and modern industry or stay on to achieve further academic awards. A typical week consists of 24 contact hours. You’ll spend around 60% of this time working with advanced equipment and software development systems in our laboratories. And you’ll work with lecturers on real problems from industry, allowing you to develop professional engineering skills.

Electronic engineering technicians work in various settings, including research, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance. They may use their skills to repair, test and evaluate a wide variety of electronic equipment. Popular career options include:

  • Electronic Engineering Technician
  • Hardware Repair Technician
  • Electronics Installer and Rebuilder
  • Industrial Electronics Technician
  • Computer Networks Technician
  • Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician

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The Higher Certificate in Engineering helped start me on the path to gaining a career in engineering.
The Higher Certificate in Electronic Engineering gave me the opportunity to enter third-level education and progress to the B.Eng, B.Eng(Hons) and Master’s qualifications.
When I finished the Higher Certificate in Electronic Engineering I was able to apply for a technician post with Intel Ireland. I can now continue my B.Eng studies on a part-time basis.
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Higher Certificate in Engineering


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