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Schools Outreach

We work in partnership with local DEIS schools to provide taster workshops and outreach activities that promote university as a realistic option among students.  We support students with key skills needed for successful progression to Higher Education.  

This includes:

Young Creators Programme 2023

The Young Creators Programme (YCP) is a media studies programme for Transition Year students who attend TU Dublin link schools.  It enhances students’ literacy and communications skills and requires them to plan, develop and record either a tv show or a podcast. They learn:

  • the different roles and skills required
  • how to create content and prepare scripts                                                                            
  • to interview people
  • how to present information.

Students give a short presentation to describe their work and with support from the School of Media, they record their content using TU Dublin’s state-of-the-art recording facilities.

Each participant receives a workbook that is a step by step guide through the process; they also receive a certificate of participation at the award ceremony.

The YCP creates a direct link between each school and higher education and makes college life attractive and attainable. The opportunity to visit a university, use our facilities and talk and collaborate with current students and academic staff makes the idea of going to college an achievable goal and could encourage young people to continue their education. 

Skills developed: Students develop and apply the following skills:  

  • Literacy and media literacy skills
  • Communications and public speaking skills
  • Ability to work as a member of a team, while also taking on personal responsibility
  • Decision making abilities
  • Creativity
  • Organisational and critical thinking skills
  • Ability to identify their skills, strengths and interests.

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The workshop was “extremely successful. It is the first event where no kids were bored” … “There are many events that don’t live up to their expectations but, quite evidently, all of our students thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. The talks on the culinary arts and music blocks in the college were also brilliant, not too long, very interesting and kept the students engaged.”

“Our students had a fantastic experience on campus and teachers and students were very impressed by the facilities and resources.”

"Thank you so much again for everything - they're all still on a high!.... If you ever have any other programmes we would love to be a part of it - it was a fantastic experience!"