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Green Public Procurement

Green Public Procurement 

Green Public Procurement (GPP) is a process where public authorities seek to source goods, services or works with a reduced environmental impact.

The Government Climate Action Plan has a target for the public sector of 51% reduction in in GHG emissions and 50% improvement in public sector efficiency by 2030.

TU Dublin are reviewing purchasing categories in detail, identifying ongoing contracts and critical timelines of contracts up for renewal. Where new contracts are considered they will:

  • Include green criteria in our procurement processes in a manner that allows suppliers sufficient timelines and under-standing to respond.
  • Ensure implementation by establishing gateway signoff for business cases to procure goods and services with a minimum 10% award weighting for green award and selection criteria. Increase to 30% over time 
  • Include contract clauses requiring suppliers to monitor the environmental footprint of activities carried out by them to fulfil the contract, provide data verification, and record the improvement performance incrementally over the contract period.
  • All new public sector procurement contracts for delivery and haulage should specify zero emissions vehicles where possible.

We are reviewing ongoing contracts, identifying the largest suppliers to measure emissions associated with TU Dublin purchasing and identify areas in which we can influence emissions reductions.

We aim to increase sustainable purchasing criteria and performance of suppliers using futureproof frameworks provided by OGP through GPP guidance.

    • Apply lifecycle costing principles at pre-procurement, tender evaluation, and contract monitoring phases to mitigate key environmental impacts of purchased products and services.
    • Implement innovation procurement for new green solutions to support green fuels innovative renewables processes, and circular economy