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What is WE Support?

WE Support’ is a new TU Dublin pan-University initiative to address these historical deficits and to increase representation of women in entrepreneurship across all TU Dublin disciplines.

The aims of the WE Support programme are to:

  1. Increase female student participation in entrepreneurship
  2. Grow the number of TU Dublin women alumni in senior leadership positions in external organisations
  3. Increase the number of women-led/co-founder TU Dublin spin-outs

How does WE Support help empower women?

We Support offers end-to-end support throughout the programme and provides dedicated event information, relevant resources, potential funding and other supports to the participants.

What are the WE Support Panels?

WE Support Panels

Moderator Susan HayesCulleton welcomes Guest Speakers from Atmos Q, BeeInstant, acquired by Instana (an IBM company), Capella Workplace Solutions, Empeal Health, Idiro Analytics, Kianda Technologies, Mooze Vegan, Positive Carbon, TU Dublin, TU Dublin Hothouse, VIGO Health, Zutec who will provide insight into the Entrepreneurial Journey as a female founder and employee.

The Panel Series will launch on International Women's Day 2022 (Tuesday 8th of March, 2022) and will run until August 10th, 2022.

Registration is required to attend the WE Support Talk Series via: https://tudublinwesupport.eventbrite.ie.

8th March 2022

Moderator Susan HayesCulleton, Managing Director of the HayesCulleton Group welcomes Guest Speakers - Criona Turley, CEO of Capella Workplace and Ruth Bailey, CEO of VIGO Health who will discuss their personal and professional journey as women entrepreneurs and provide insight and overview on 'Scaling; getting past the first hurdle'.

13th April 2022


Moderator Susan HayesCulleton welcomes Dr. Mary Meaney, Deputy President & Registrar at TU Dublin and Dr. Shawna Johnston, Business Development Manager at TU Dublin Hothouse who will discuss 'Why is Entrepreneurship important to TU Dublin,' and provide an overview of supports for TU Dublin staff, students and researchers who are interested in growing an idea.

11th May 2022

Moderator Susan HayesCulleton welcomes Sohini De, Founder & Director of Empeal Health and Aisling Maher, Co-Founder of Mooze Vegan who will discuss 'Work-Life Balance for Women Entrepreneurs,' and provide insight into their own entrepreneurial journey.


15th June 2022

Moderator Susan HayesCulleton welcomes Julie Currid, Chief Marketing Officer at Zutec and Aisling Kirwan, Co-Founder & Director of Operations at Positive Carbon who will discuss 'Entrepreneurial Thinking; a mindset,' and provide insight into their own entrepreneurial journey.


13th July 2022


Moderator Susan HayesCulleton welcomes Dr. Diane Tangney, Co-Founder at Atmos Q and Geraldine Magnier, Co-Founder & Director at Idiro Analytics who will discuss 'What does it mean to be Women Entrepreneur,' and provide insight into their own entrepreneurial journey.


10th August 2022

Moderator Susan HayesCulleton welcomes Phuong Vu, Co-Founder at BeeInstant, acquired by Instana (an IBM company) and Derya Sousa, Chief Operating Officer at Kianda Technologies who will discuss the 'Challenges of being Women Entrepreneurs,' and provide insight into their own entrepreneurial journey.