Bongo for students

What is Bongo?

  • Bongo is a solution that is integrated with Brightspace and provides TU Dublin City Campus staff and students with a virtual classroom as well as a video assessment tool.

Who can access Bongo?

  • TU Dublin City Campus (Grangegorman, Aungier Street, and Bolton Street) staff and students only

How can I access Bongo via Brightspace?

1. Access Bongo via Module Content in Brightspace

  • A lecturer might place a link to the live session from within the content of your Brightspace module.
  • Look out of a ‘tile’ on the module landing page called ‘Webinars’ or ‘Live Lectures’.
  • Clicking on the link provided will bring you straight into the live session.
  • If your lecturer has provided a link like this, they will most likely tell you where it is in the module.


2. Access scheduled live classroom session in Bongo via Brightspace

  • You can also access any scheduled live classroom session by clicking on ‘Module Tools’ on the main menu bar in the module in question, and then choosing ‘Virtual Classroom’ from the dropdown menu.

bongo screenshot 2


  • In the list of active meetings you will see the name of the session along with the date and time it has been scheduled for. Once a session is running, you’ll be able to access it by clicking on what is known as the ‘hamburger-menu’ (the 3 vertical dots) to the right of your screen, and choosing ‘launch’ from the options that appear.


3. A lecturer may email you a direct link

  • They might email you a link.
  • When you click on this link you will be asked to input your name and then enter the live classroom.
  • Bongo will work in a variety of browsers such as Chrome and Firefox on the PC. MAC users may have to try a few browsers to see which one works best for them -Firefox, Chrome and Safari are all options. Different ones seem to work better on different MACs.


Additional Bongo Information

The following are useful resources to help you understand how to use Bongo with Brightspace during your time in TU Dublin.