As a student in TU Dublin Blanchardstown and Tallaght you will have access to our the virtual learning environment called Moodle.

Moodle for Students

Did you know?

  • Moodle is the learning management system used by students and staff located in TU Dublin campuses Blanchardstown and Tallaght
  • At TU Dublin Tallaght and Blanchardstown, Moodle is used to deliver course content for our fully online courses, much of the content for mixed-mode or hybrid courses, and the majority of our face to face classes utilize Brightspace for a variety of reasons as well. 
  • Moodle allows students to access course content for their courses, submit assignments, participate in discussions, communicate with the instructor and classmates, take quizzes and exams, and more. 

Student Guides for Moodle Tallaght

Student Guides for Moodle Blanchardstown