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The RESISTIRÉ project (Responding to outbreaks through co-creative inclusive equality strategies and collaboration) is an interdisciplinary project investigating how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected equality in 31 European countries. The project will collect, analyse, and translate extensive data into operational insights. This will result in a new research agenda, advocacy, policy recommendations, as well as innovative pilot actions to provide fairer social recoveries.

The project involves a ten-partner European consortium and a network of researchers in the EU, the UK, Serbia, Iceland, and Turkey. The coordinator is the European Science Foundation in France. Project partners are European Science Foundation (FR), Örebro University (Sweden), Yellow Window (Belgium), Oxford Brooks University (United Kingdom), Knowledge & Innovation (Italy), Technological University Dublin (Ireland), Sabanci University (Turkey), Universidad de Deusto (Spain), Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic), and Sciensano (Belgium).

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The contents of this website reflect the view of the RESISTIRÉ project. The views expressed on the website do not necessarily reflect the views of the EC. This project has received funding from the EU Horizon2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 101015990