Junior Student Information



Musicianship classes commence in September.  All junior students attend a weekly musicianship class, to support learning and teaching in the Practical Lesson.  Through these graded classes, students develop a range of core music skills including aural awareness, sight-singing, theoretical understanding, critical listening and appreciation of music.

The class duration varies according to the grade of study:

Junior Level 1 - 2 30 mins
Junior Level 3 - Int. Level 1 45 mins
Intermediate Level 2 - 4 1 hour
Senior Level 1 1 hour 15 mins
Senior Level 2 - 3 1 hour 30 mins

Students are expected to complete weekly homework, which may take the form of written work, or practice (e.g. sight-singing, memory work etc.).   

Parent-teacher week dates to be confirmed, they are held during regular Musicianship Class time. 

Musicianship class transfers occurring after 1st November will only be granted for exceptional circumstances and by completing the Transfer request form here

Musicianship Exemption

Certain students may be exempt from the requirement to take Musicianship. Exemptions are considered on a case-by-case basis and apply to the current academic term only.  

To apply, please complete the online Musicianship Exemption Request Form here by 31st October, relevant supporting documentation must be submitted by email to the musicianship coordinator lorraine.oconnell@tudublin.ie

Dr. Lorraine O'Connell, Musicianship Co-Ordinator


Musicianship Time Table V2

TU Dublin Conservatoire have an online re-enrolment process to allow eligible returning students to reserve their place for the upcoming year and enable the Conservatoire to make offers to new students by the end of June.

Detail of new online enrolment process:

  • All returning students must enrol online for the next Academic Year by the advised deadline, failure to complete re-enrolment may affect a student's place on the programme
  • Invitations to re-enrol are issued via email in March each year
  • An enrolment deposit is required to secure a place
  • All students who have completed this process will have their place reserved for the following academic year
  • After 15 June the Conservatoire will fill any remaining instrumental/vocal studio vacancies from its audition lists
  • All Students will receive a notification to pay tuition in August.

During the enrolment process do ensure that all your contact information is up to date

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the TU Dublin Conservatoire Office at registrations.conservatoire@TUDublin.ie