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A guide to using the timetabling system is available at This will show you how you can access your timetabling system and locate your timetable, using your TU Dublin City Campus student number.  TU Dublin City Campus’s Academic Calendar is available at 


The General Assessment Regulations for TU Dublin City Campus taught programmes leading to undergraduate and postgraduate awards of TU Dublin are available at

These refer to awards and award classification, progression from one stage of a programme to the next, reassessment, Exam procedures and breaches of assessment regulations.  You will also find information on: 

  • bringing Personal Circumstances to the attention of the Exam Board 
  • seeking a recheck of Exam results 
  • seeking a remark of Exam results 
  • appealing the decision of the Exam Board. 

Student Charter 

The Student Charter Student-Charter-(3SS03).docx 

sets out the levels of service you can expect to receive from TU Dublin City Campus, as well as what TU Dublin City Campus expects of its students.  


Once you register as a TU Dublin City Campus student you automatically become a member of the Students Union (TUDSU). Find out about the TUDSU Team, the advice they can offer and events they organize at  


You should ensure that you are familiar with the Health and Safety rules of the TU Dublin City Campus and these are available at Note: to be tailored for programmes with specific health and safety requirements. 


The libraries in TU Dublin City Campus are located at Aungier Street, Bolton Street and Grangegorman. Once you are a registered student you can use any TU Dublin City Campus library and, for City Campus students, borrow from them with your Student ID card. The services provided by the Library include study spaces, networked PCs, textbooks, journals and newspapers, photocopiers and printers. Information on all the library’s services and e-resources is available at  

Note: Schools may include link to past Exam papers if these are available in the Library. 


The Maths Learning Support Centre, based at Kevin Street, offers a drop-in support service for students struggling with maths. Find out more at  


The Academic Writing Centre offers support for students who are seeking to enhance and develop their academic writing skills. Find out how to book an appointment and other useful information and resources at  

Draws together many City Campus student-facing services which are listed below. The following link provides an overview of the Directorate


You are required to register on your programme every year before you commence your studies. Information on how to register, select your modules, obtain a student card and pay fees is available online at Once you register, you will be provided with a student card and a student number, as well as login details for your e-mail account and other TU Dublin systems – including Brightspace (the Virtual Learning Environment where you can access information and learning materials and activities relevant to your modules). Frequently asked questions around the registration process are available here  


There are three Student Service Centres across TU Dublin City Campus located in Aungier Street, Bolton Street and Grangegorman. Their aim is to provide a single point of information for a range of areas including ID Cards, letters of registration, to have forms stamped and verified along with ICT Support and general queries. A full range of services available to students at the Student Service Centres are available at this link  


TU Dublin City Campus health centres provide an holistic approach to health, providing on campus health care to those students pursuing full time & apprenticeship courses. The service incorporates physical, psychological and social aspects of student health and health promotion. Absolute confidentiality is maintained. There are two Medical Centres in TU Dublin, one in Aungier Street and one in Bolton Street (Linenhall Lodge). TU Dublin City Campus Students can use any of these centres.  Find out what services are available at  


The TU Dublin City Campus Counselling Service is a free and confidential service which is available to all students. It provides a safe and secure environment where you may come and talk about any issue or difficulty that is of concern. Information on the service and about how you can make an appointment with a counsellor can be found at this link  


The Pastoral and Chaplaincy service aims to provide support and care for the personal, social and spiritual lives of students and to contribute to a sense of community throughout TU Dublin City Campus. Find out about the service and how to make contact with the chaplains at  

Access Support Services 

If you are an access student studying in TU Dublin City Campus, the Access Service can support you. You can find more information on the Access Service at  


Disability Support Service 

If you are a student with a physical, sensory or learning disability, medical or mental health condition that interferes with your learning, TU Dublin City Campus Disability Services can support you.  You can find out how you can sign up with the Disability Service at  



The Financial Aid and Accommodation Department oversees the distribution of capitation funds, and also administers a range of services, including Student Accommodation. To find out more about the various assistance schemes available, see  

For details of the TU Dublin City Campus Accommodation Office go to: 

TU Dublin City Campus Societies 

Students are very much encouraged to get involved in student-led activities while at TU Dublin and the Societies Office promotes and supports a huge and diverse range of volunteering opportunities, societies, activities and events. Find out more information at  


Clubs, Sports and Recreation  

TU Dublin City Campus Sport and Recreation Service provides opportunities for everyone to participate in sport and physical activity across the city. Find out more about TU Dublin City Campus’s sports clubs and facilities at  

Fees and Grants 

Find out more about fees at as well as help with queries on funding your programme. 


International Student Support 

If you are an International Student/Erasmus student, studying in TU Dublin City Campus you can find more information on the International Office at  


Career Development Centre 

The Career Development Centre has offices in Bolton Street on the Northside of the city and in Aungier Street on the Southside. It offers a range of services including one to one guidance with a professional Careers Adviser, career talks including a Career learning programme tailored for each discipline, Jobscene (online vacancies), email notifications. More information at


Student Regulations 

All TU Dublin – City Campus students must observe, in addition to the laws of the state, the regulations of TU Dublin City Campus. Therefore, it is your responsibility to acquaint yourself with these regulations which cover a range of areas such as Student Alcohol Policy, Student Dignity and Respect Policy, and Use of Computer Resources. Policies are listed at 


Also available at the same link are the TU Dublin City Campus’s Student Disciplinary Procedures which relate to all aspects of student behaviour, except those covered by the General Assessment Regulations (see above). In the case of an alleged breach of general discipline that occurs on a TU Dublin City Campus or that involves resources or facilities located on a TU Dublin City Campus, a registered TU Dublin student or member of TU Dublin staff shall be subject to the disciplinary procedures of TU Dublin City Campus.  


Student Complaints Procedure 

The TU Dublin City Campus Handbook for Academic Quality Enhancement 

provides a pathway to allow students to raise complaints if they consider that the management and/or delivery of their programme of study is not in accordance with agreed procedure. The Student Complaint Form can be found at 


Transport information 


 you can find out how best to travel to each campus by different modes of transport.   


Other useful weblinks: