Research Groups


The Centre for Socially Engaged Practice Based Research offers a distinctive, multidisciplinary postgraduate and research environment, that is attentive to the concerns of documentary film and photography, participatory media practice, screen media, visual anthropology, cultural studies, installation and exhibition. The Centre has particular expertise in doctoral programmes by research and prior publication.

The Centre for Critical Media Literacy is a research and outreach group in the School of Media at TU Dublin. It is committed to equality and participatory research, to inclusion in education at every level, to media as tools for creative engagement, and to 'literacy' that is broad, systemic and critical. Previous and current research includes experiment in using social media and other tools to promote journalistic transparency in a diverse urban neighbourhood; public events that link academic research in media and technology with community education and production practice, and study of potential consequences of computational advances on media and communication. 

The Virtual Interactive Research Lab (VIRaL) is a virtual and augmented reality research and development environment. It serves a number of functions as a research space for postgraduate research, a development space for undergraduate and postgraduate learners, and as an applied development space for commercial and innovation partnerships. VIRaL explores innovative solutions to complex problems across these domains, examining how AR and VR technologies can be used to augment, improve and innovate existing practices and methods,