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How to make an FOI request

Please note that a large amount of information about TU Dublin and its functions is publicly available without the need to make a Freedom of Information request. Those seeking information should, in the first instance, consult TU Dublin’s FOI Publication Scheme -  (*Note this section is still currently under development) 

If the information you require cannot be found here, please use the search function to establish if the information is currently available on the TU Dublin website. You may also make direct contact with staff in relevant departments - contact details can be found on the TU Dublin website. Any request must be in writing to the FOI Officer, Information Governance Office, TU Dublin Tallaght Campus, Blessington Rd, Tallaght, Dublin 24, D24 FKT9. Requests can also be made by email or on the access request forms prepared by the University. 

 When you make an FOI request you must: 

  • Submit the request in writing to TU Dublin or by email to /  FOI Officer, Information Governance Office, TU Dublin Tallaght Campus, Blessington Rd, Tallaght, Dublin 24, D24 FKT9
  • Specify that the request is being made under the FOI Act 2014.

Making the request

  • The requester should include as much detail as possible to assist the staff of the University to identify the record. In cases where the University is not clear what records are being requested, they may seek clarity from the requester.
  • The requester should indicate the time period for which you wish to access records e.g. records created between May 2015 and December 2018 (subject to the provisions of the University’s Records Retention Schedule – currently under development). Specify the Campus/Department of the University which would be most relevant to your request. If you have difficulty in identifying the precise records which you require the staff of the Information Governance Office will be happy to assist you in preparing your request.
  • Indicate if the information is required in a particular format i.e. email, post, photocopy, csv, etc.
  • When you are seeking information which is personal, you will be required to supply the appropriate identification as required by the Decision Maker and FOI Officer.
  • In cases where you are seeking to access records under section 37(8) you will be required to provide additional details in order to exercise these rights.
  • Alternatively, you may download the Application Forms here

Assistance to Persons with a Disability

The FOI Officer is available to provide assistance to persons with a disability to exercise their rights under the FOI Act (e.g. accepting oral requests from requesters, who are unable to read, print and/or write due to their disability, enabling the requester to inspect or have records explained to him or her).

On receipt of a request the FOI Officer will:

  • Log the request
  • Check that the request comes within the scope of the FOI Act
  • Send an acknowledgement letter to requester within 10 days of receiving the request
  • Ensure that the request receives consideration by the appropriate member of staff
  • Notify the requester of the outcome/decision within 20 working days

The University has established a network of Decision Makers and Internal Reviewers and they will consider requests. They will consider requests and will make decisions whether or not to release the requested information, observing the requirements of the Act to protect privacy and the public interest.