Shurikon 2020 at TU Dublin, 15 & 16 February

14 Feb, 2020

TU Dublin Japanimation and Game Society are hosting its annual anime, gaming and cosplay convention Shurikon this year in Aungier Street this weekend.

The event is a non-profit charity fundraiser run by students and volunteers which celebrates uniqueness and hobbies through cosplay and gaming events. Shurikon gives attendees a chance to experience a real sense of community and an opportunity to have a lot of fun and laughs.

This year, the convention will have many exciting events and wonderful special guests. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Billy Kametez, a voice actor that has had many roles in anime such as Galo in the recently released Promare movie,
  • Willow Cosplays, a Dutch Cosplayer,
  • Agent Delta, a Cosplayer from the North of Ireland,
  • RT Game, an Irish Youtuber, known for his humorous games-related videos on Youtube,
  • Empty Cosplay, a multi-award winning Irish Cosplayer.

Last year, the event raised €5,500 for the charities Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland (YSPI) and Guide Dogs Ireland. In 2018, the event also won the 'Best Event in a Large College' award at the Board of Irish College Societies Awards. This year's chosen charity is Jigsaw.

Tickets cost from €10 - €25 and are available from EventbriteFor more information about the event, visit the Shurikon website, or the Facebook page.