Interfaith Service at TU Dublin for all suffering from the continuing Pandemic

10 May, 2021

Dublin City Interfaith Forum is partnering with the TU Dublin Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy Service to host an Interfaith Service and time of prayer for those countries facing increased hardships and challenges in the face of the ongoing Pandemic.

To be held at 12 noon on Wednesday the 12th of May, 2021, the service will be in St. Laurence's Church, TU Dublin Grangegorman. Representatives of all major faith traditions will take part.

Organisers of the event said: “We pray for our world as the hardship and suffering of this pandemic continues, and particularly we pray that the global community will respond in a heartfelt and real way to the needs of all.”

The statement continued: “The news from India this last week reveals that many countries throughout the world are suffering from an increase in Corona Virus infections. In Ireland, we are preparing to reduce restrictions while other countries are facing escalating hardship as a result of the Pandemic. We've seen immense suffering due to lack of resources and the resultant sickness and death.

“A University today welcomes people from many countries and from many faith backgrounds as they pursue study and research. It is therefore appropriate that TU Dublin hosts this event as we offer prayerful solidarity with all those who look on as their families and friends around the world experience immense suffering and hardship."

Please note that this Interfaith Service will follow all Covid-19 guidelines.

About Dublin City Interfaith Forum

Dublin City Interfaith Forum (DCIF) is a network of people from the different Faith Communities in the City of Dublin. It aims to create awareness and dialogue through building relationships that nurture harmony and deepen understanding and respect.

The World Faiths currently present and active in Dublin City and represented on DCIF are Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism.

DCIF works with interested members of faith communities to deliver interfaith gatherings and activities in Dublin City. Recognising the diverse nature of the backgrounds of the residents of Dublin, DCIF seeks to provide the space and opportunity for Faith Communities to build relationships with and between Dublin City communities, statutory and voluntary organisations and the residents of Dublin City.