Join Ireland's Timber Revolution at TU Dublin

9 Dec, 2020

Ireland is at the start of an extraordinary number of revolutions in how and why we use timber and technology, how we do business and what we learn. It’s a great time to consider a career as a timber technologist!

Educating the Timber Revolutionaries 

As part of our strategic plan to 2030, TU Dublin has set itself the goal of becoming ‘a Powerhouse for Living and Breathing Sustainability'. Our new programme in Sustainable Timber Technology has been designed with programme learning outcomes that explicitly embrace Sustainability and the Bioeconomy. It is the only programme in Ireland educating timber technologists for all parts of the Timber Industry. The course will commence in September 2021 with places for 32 revolutionaries!

This immersive, 4-year, full-time programme has a mix of theoretical and skills-based modules. Cross-sectoral skills such as critical thinking, creativity, management, collaboration and professionalism support the central focus on wood science, timber skills and production management. The programme has strong links with industry: field trips and guest lectures supplement the academic content, and work placement takes place in the third year. Our graduates will be at the centre of the Timber Industry, creating timber products, driving innovation, adding value and maintaining quality.

But why should you consider joining the Timber Revolution?

A radical shift in policy

UNESCO states that climate change is a ‘real and rapidly-evolving threat for humanity’ while the Irish Government’s Climate Action Plan from 2019 said the ‘Decarbonisation is now a must if the world is to contain the damage and build resilience in the face of such a profound challenge.’ The European Green Deal also aims to make Europe the first carbon-neutral continent and to decouple economic growth from resource use. A significant increase in the use of timber to make high quality, low-carbon products will be a key goal.

Growth in industry and employment

The harvest from Ireland’s commercial forests is set to double in the next 15 years: an extraordinary statistic and a great opportunity! Enterprise Ireland is developing an innovation action plan to move the Sector from €2.3 to €8 billion GDP by 2025. At the same time employment is expected to rise from 12,000 to 20,000. Most of those jobs are outside the cities. A large number of talented timber technologist graduates will be needed for many years to come!

Timber for construction

The reason we use timber as a construction material is because it is 100% renewable and speeds up construction processes quite radically, has positive insulating and fire-resisting properties, results in lower CO² emissions, and, finally, it’s also beautiful. 25 years ago, three-storey buildings made of timber were very unusual, but the development of a new technology cross-laminated timber (CLT) has revolutionised construction.

Currently, the world’s tallest timber building is 18 storeys high. Given the level of competition worldwide, it is likely it will be surpassed soon. Besides being dramatic signs of confidence in this new timber technology, such skyscrapers are prestigious, cost-effective and built very quickly. They also take away a huge amount of carbon dioxide (CO²). 

Are you interested in joining the movement? Read our Timber Technology Revolution Infographic  here and check out the course page with information on how to apply.