New Book Co-Edited by TU Dublin Academic Presents a Unique Overview of Molecular Gastronomy

7 May, 2021

A book co-authored by Dr Róisín Burke, a Senior Lecturer in Culinary Science and Food Product Development at TU Dublin, presents a unique overview of molecular gastronomy, the scientific discipline dedicated to the study of phenomena that occur during the preparation and consumption of dishes.

Handbook of Molecular Gastronomy: Scientific Foundations and Culinary Applications represents the first attempt at a comprehensive reference in molecular gastronomy, along with a practical guide, through selected examples, to molecular cuisine and the more recent applications named note by note cuisine.

While several books already exist for a general audience, either addressing food science in general in a "light" way and/or dealing with modern cooking techniques and recipes, no book exists so far that encompasses the whole molecular gastronomy field, providing a strong interdisciplinary background in the physics, biology and chemistry of food and food preparation, along with good discussions on creativity and the art of cooking.

The authors are from the USA, Italy, Chile, Ireland, France, Canada, Switzerland, Lebanon, the United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, Singapore, Argentina, Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Denmark, Norway, Republic of Korea, Germany, Croatia, Greece and Qatar.

The four Editors of the Handbook of Molecular Gastronomy, Róisín Burke (TU Dublin), Alan Kelly (UCC), Christophe Lavelle (National Center for Scientific Research) and Hervé This vo Kientza (National Institute for Research in Agronomy), are hosting an online conference to launch the Handbook of Molecular Gastronomy: Scientific Foundations, Educational Practices and Culinary Applications on Wednesday, 12 May 2021 from 1pm. The event will feature a welcome address by H.E. Vincent Guérend, French Ambassador to Ireland. 

More information is available here