TU Dublin Establish Strategic Healthcare Partnership

14 Dec, 2021

Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a strategic partnership with Tallaght University Hospital (TUH) and healthcare providers UPMC and ExWell Medical.

The partnership will explore several areas of mutual interest, including academic programme development, access to TU Dublin research expertise and facilities, and identifying technology that could expand health and fitness initiatives created by UPMC and ExWell Medical.

The MoU, signed today by the President of TU Dublin, Professor David FitzPatrickLucy Nugent, Chief Executive of Tallaght University Hospital, John Windle, General Manager, UPMC Ireland, and Dr Noel McCaffrey, Founder and Medical Director of ExWell Medical, will also investigate potential education and professional development initiatives to foster new talent in healthcare and associated disciplines.

Remarking on the wide-ranging possibilities of the new partnership, Thomas Stone, Vice President for Partnerships at TU Dublin, said, “We are hugely excited to embark on this new relationship which aligns with the University’s commitment to creating synergies with partners that can optimise our societal impact. TU Dublin already has a close working association with TUH, having hosted a ‘Health Hackathon’ with the hospital in 2019, and launched a Digital Health Internship Programme for TU Dublin students earlier this year.”

Continuing, Mr Stone said, “With this MoU, we intend to deepen our engagement with the healthcare sector by exploring undergraduate and lifelong learning programmes, and technologies to deliver innovative solutions for health issues, such as the ExWell Medical fitness programme for those with injuries and other health conditions.”

“The work we have already undertaken with TU Dublin and ExWell has already benefitted our patients and our hospital. We are excited about the potential of this new partnership and how, working together, we can focus on making our vision of people caring for people to live better lives a greater reality,” commented Lucy Nugent, Chief Executive of TUH.

“UPMC is changing how healthcare is delivered in Ireland, and we are excited to partner with TU Dublin, TUH and ExWell Medical as we work together to assist and benefit communities across Ireland,” said David Beirne, managing director of UPMC in Ireland and senior vice president of UPMC International. He continued, “As an organisation that is recognised globally as a leading academic medical centre, UPMC is a health care provider known for inventing new models of patient-centred care and bringing life-changing medicine to communities close to home, meaning Ireland gets access to the most advanced medical technologies, innovation, research and IT capability for the benefit of Irish patients.”