TU Dublin Launches Survey on Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Ireland

8 Nov, 2021

The Institute for Minority Entrepreneurship (IME) at TU Dublin is eager to hear from immigrants living in Ireland about their entrepreneurship experiences.

The survey results from A Mapping of Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Ireland will feature in a report informing public policies and the design of programmes to assist more immigrants in starting their own businesses.

Upon publication, the report will detail immigrant-owned businesses' demographics and uncover the main opportunities and challenges facing immigrant entrepreneurs across Ireland. The survey is open to any person born outside of Ireland interested in starting a business, who currently has their own business, or had a business in the past. The survey is completely anonymous, will take ten minutes to complete, and will close by the end of November.

The survey was designed by Principal Investigator Professor Thomas Cooney with assistance from Martina Brophy, both members of the IME at TU Dublin.  It is a follow up to a breakthrough study about immigrant entrepreneurship conducted in 2008

The link to the survey can be found here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/K6RSJL9, and for information, please contact Martina Brophy