TU Dublin Wins DELTA Award

3 Dec, 2021

The Pharmacy Technician Studies team at TU Dublin, led by Dr Gemma Kinsella of the School of Food Science and Environmental Health, has been awarded the National Forum’s Disciplinary Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Assessment (DELTA) Award.

This prestigious national award is granted to discipline groups who demonstrate a record of excellence in teaching and learning enhancement and who commit to an ongoing, clearly articulated, shared process of continued enhancement.

This award recognises the ongoing excellence of the academic team, including Dr Seána Hogan, Dr Tao Zhang, Kathy Young, Dr Gemma Kinsella and more along with Jill Barrett from the Careers Development Centre and Scott Ahearn, a member of the Counselling Service, students and alumni of the programme.

The review panel, comprising international colleagues and a student representative, remarked on the commitment of the successful teams to ongoing teaching and learning enhancement which was collaborative, holistic, mature and demonstrated a readiness for development, innovation and impact. They also commented on the teams’ work in student partnership, on their emphasis on professional development and on the teams’ capacity to have reach, connect and make a difference beyond their immediate settings.

All discipline groups across Irish higher education who can demonstrate specific achievements in teaching and learning enhancement and a clear commitment to future enhancement of teaching and learning are eligible to apply for the DELTA Award. A discipline group can be a school, department, a programme team or any established collaboration/group of teachers within a subject/discipline recognised by their home institution.

The next deadline for expressions of interest in the DELTA Awards is 6 July 2022. See more details here.