New academic publication on Participation and Social Inclusion

20 Jul, 2021

Dr Louis Nwachi, Lecturer in Planning and Urban Design at TU Dublin Environment & Planning, has published a paper examining the Relationship between Participation and Social Inclusion in contrasting environments. The paper is published in the Open Journal of Social Sciences.

According to the paper: "Studies show that within most countries, there are generally many different socio-cultural, ethnic and religious groups and this diversity inevitably creates a level of inter-group tension, with income disparities, cultural differences, and intergroup segregation leading in turn to social exclusion. This paper set out to develop a conceptual framework to examine the relationship between that participation and the social inclusion outcomes in the plan-making process. It addressed how social inclusion can relate to the plan-making process culturally, politically and institutionally, economically and socially with high level participation."

Nwachi, L. (2021). Relationship between Participation and Social Inclusion. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 9, 46-77.