Welcome to the School of Architecture, Building and Environment (SABE).

The vision of the School  of Architecture, Building and Environment is to be a leader in third level, professional and practice- and work-based education and research for the professions and disciplines tasked with planning, designing, building, making and managing places. Its work will be underpinned by accessibility, diversity and innovation. 


The unique heritage, strengths of the School will be shared across our staff and students as we contribute to achieving the local, regional, national objectives in particular Project 2040 Government targets associated with Climate Action and Housing for All and the wider-reaching objectives of the EU Green Deal and Biodiversity Strategy and global Sustainable Development Goals. The unique heritage and strengths of the School, its staff and students, will be brought to bear on the global drive towards a more sustainable planet at local, regional, national and international levels.  

The School will be a leader in applied research in critical areas of challenge for society related to the built, spatial and natural environments. This will be conducted through an internationally and locally-networked community of research students, researchers and partners and will be underpinned by a support structure that promotes research career development. 

Our shared pedagogy of practice-based and work-based education in studio, workshop, on site and in the field throughout our programmes will continue to provide excellence in project-based learning, continuous formative assessment and iterative design processes.  

Our learning community will benefit from a diversity of educators drawn from our community of academics, professional practice, industry partners and public policy practitioners.