New academic publication on the formation of renewable energy co-operatives in Ireland

20 Jun, 2022

Dr Gerard Doyle, lecturer at TU Dublin Environment and Planning, has published a paper examining the capacities required for community groups to successfully establish renewable energy co-operatives in Ireland.  It finds that community groups that successfully establish renewable energy co-operatives must possess high levels of resilience, have access to technical expertise, and have appropriate finance. It also highlights how it is crucial that at least one member of each renewable energy co-operative engages with state agencies and the community.

The paper highlights that existing theoretical frameworks need some modification to detail the capacities required to successfully implement renewable energy co-operatives in Ireland.

Doyle, G. (2021) ‘A New Epoch for Community Renewable Energy Cooperatives in Ireland? An Exploration of the Factors Influencing their Development’, Journal of Co-operative Studies, 54(1), 7-23