The Technological University Dublin - Blanchardstown printing service provides staff and students with secure printing and copying services using the Multi-Function Printer (MFP) devices located throughout around campus.

General information:
- Print jobs can be sent to the Colour or Black and White print queues and securely released from any MFP(Multi-Function Printer) device.
- You may print Black & White print jobs from any MFP device.
- You may print Colour prints ONLY from Colour MFP devices
- You must authenticate to use MFP device & collect prints using your staff/student card or username & password
- Single-sided printing is default. You must manually select double sided before printing if required

For any queries on printing, copying or topping up your account, please contact

Below are the costs of using the TU Dublin Blanchardstown Campus printing & photocopying services:

  • A4 B&W - €0.04
  • A4 Colour - €0.05

To add credit to you print account please visit

  • Login using your student number in the format B00000000
  • Select your preferred top-up amount
  • Click Continue then Pay where you will be redirected to an Online Payment facility managed by Global Payments.

There are two options for printing:

  • Print from a PC
  • Web print from any device while on campus

Each PC on the campus will have two printer queues, one for black & white printing and another for colour printing. 
Printing depends on the application you are printing from, but you will typically be presented with a printing details window, requesting such details as:
- Which printer you wish to print to. (here you can choose the desired printer queue according to whether the printing job is needed to be in black & white or colour and your location). 
- The number of copies.
- What pages of the document to print etc.
It’s important to note there are both Colour and Black and White MFP Devices in the campus. If colour printing is required, make sure to release your print job from a Colour MFP Device. 

To print from a laptop/mobile device it must be connected to the eduroam network and situated on the Blanchardstown campus.
Access the following URL form a web browser.
Sign in using your student using your TU Dublin Blanchardstown network user name and Office 365 password.

  • For students this is your 9 character student number in the format: B/F00000000
  • For staff this is your network username in the format: firstname surname

Once Logged in:
Select Choose File to select the supported file you would like print then select Next>>

blanchardstown print job inforgraphic 1

If the file has successfully uploaded the status will show as Printed

  1. After you send your job to print, you must go to the MFP Device you want to print from and then release it.
  2. To print touch your Student/Staff Card on the card reader to begin. If you have forgotten your card you can login at the terminal with your username and password.
    blanchardstown print job image 2
  3. Once Logged in, Select Follow-You Printing
    blanchardstown print job image 3
  4. Highlight the print jobs you want to print and press the Print button. If the document contains colour you must select Force B/W to print in black & white.
  5. When you are finished Select the Logout button.