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The CREST Technology Gateway is co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Union through the ERDF Southern, Eastern & Midland Regional Programme 2021-27

Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Network

The Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateways work in partnership with Institutes of Technology and Technological Universities across Ireland. There are 16 specialised Technology Gateways and 3 sectoral clusters that deliver innovation expertise and solutions for Irish industry. The Gateways provide close-to-market technology solutions that allow companies to develop new products, processes and services by leveraging the research expertise available within each Technological University and Institute of Technology.

CREST is one of 16 Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateways and is a member of the Technology Gateway, EMD Ireland, cluster. 

EMD Ireland Technology Gateway Cluster

Established in 2016, EMD Ireland is a cluster of seven Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateways operating within the engineering, materials and design sector. The cluster provides a range of expertise for companies who are looking to access research and development within these areas.

The cluster can connect with over 300 industry researchers in areas such as Precision Engineering, Biotechnology, Polymers, Protective Coatings, Prototype Design, Medical Imaging Technologies and 3D Medal Additive Manufacturing.

The EMD Technology Gateway cluster consists of:

For further information on EMD Ireland please contact:
Grainne Foley
Email: gfoley@technologygateway.ie


The CREST Gateway delivers innovation solutions for the engineering, aerospace, automotive, architectural, electronics, biomedical and healthcare sectors in the area of surface coatings.

CREST Gateway is led by Professor Brendan Duffy (Centre Manager and  Health, Engineering and Materials Science Hub Lead)