TU Dublin Conservatoire formally DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama was founded in 1890 as the Dublin Municipal School of Music, with around 50 students. We have grown from being a municipal institution to one that is truly national and international. Now, we provide the highest quality education across the broadest range of performing arts disciplines in Ireland, to more than 1200 students.  

What is a Conservatoire?

Studying at a conservatoire is very different from studying at school or university. We offer highly specialized learning in the performing arts. We have an emphasis on practice (performance) and one-to-one teaching and learning. Our students are selected on the basis of commitment, dedication and potential talent, to ensure they can make the most of our intensive learning environment. We pay close attention to nurturing our students' talents.      

We are small – much smaller than a university, although we form an integral part of TU Dublin. So we have the best of both worlds: we get to know our students very well, very quickly; and we have all the support mechanisms that you would expect of a major higher education institution. Crucially, you and your future is our passion – we want to see you succeed!


Have you experienced any of our concerts or productions?  If so, you'll understand why we call ourselves the home of Ireland's future in performance.  

We nurture talent in the performing arts from toddlers through to top-rank professionals.  We do that through offering the very best in performance-centred education.  

We are always looking for ways to support our students, and enhance their performance opportunities and their future contribution to Ireland's society and culture.  

You can help us to help our students achieve their dreams, for example, by:

  • • supporting our Junior Conservatoire and outreach work
  • • sponsoring our opera and drama productions
  • • offering student scholarships and prizes
  • • helping us to improve our facilities
  • • supporting the purchase of instruments

Every grant, donation and ticket bought for our performances helps our students. If you would like to help us help Ireland's future performers, please get in touch with us at conservatoire@tudublin.ie