Dr. Nevan Bermingham Presents at N-TUTORR National Event in Croke Park

Published: 23 Apr, 2024

School of Tourism & Hospitality Management lecturer Dr. Nevan Bermingham presented to the national N-TUTORR event in Croke Park on Wednesday 17th April. Dr. Bermingham emphasised the benefits of equipping student tutors with tablet technology to foster a virtual community of mutual support. The NTUTORR Students as Partners in Innovation and Change National Conference and Showcase drew over 500 students and staff from various TU’s around Ireland.

Dr. Nevan Bermingham presenting on stage at the N-TUTORR National Event in Croke Park

Addressing Digital Poverty and Improving Inclusivity

Dr Bermingham’s presentation to the conference highlighted the issues of digital poverty among students, and how providing stylus-enabled tablet technology to student tutors can create an enhanced virtual community of practice that enables them to organise better, share solutions and ideas, access information, and provide real time support to each other at the point of need. This technology also provides parity of opportunity through assistive technology tools for tutors with disabilities, such as screen readers and live transcription, as well as real-time translation tools to help international students overcome language barriers. By improving the student tutorial experience with this type of technology, the overall experience for all students also improves.