Access2CS gets N-TUTORR Partners in Innovation and Change Fellowship scheme

Published: 20 May, 2024

“Claudia Rivera, staff member, at the NTUTORR event”

For the second consecutive time, the Access2CS team has been honoured with the N-TUTORR fellowship to support its student-centred initiative. This time, in collaboration with Disability Support Services City Campus, we proudly introduce a new service called 'Try Me!' 

'Access2CS – Try Me!' is part of the School of Computing commitment to making STEM accessible. It aims to enhance access to Assistive Technology (AT) for registered Disability Support Services students at TUDublin. Students, along with their AT officers, can schedule appointments to test AT devices before making any purchases. This initiative is born out of the recognition of the challenges faced in accessing AT, including high costs, compatibility issues, and maintenance, and the crucial need to effectively address user requirements. 

The service will commence in the upcoming semester, allowing students to explore new AT devices and experiment with different technologies to find the best fit for their academic journey.