Located primarily in the Central Quad, Grangegorman, the School of Physics & Clinical & Optometric Sciences offers ten degree courses at both undergraduate and graduate level in the disciplines of Physics, Clinical Measurement Science, Optometry, and Ophthalmic Dispensing.

The School is strongly connected with external stakeholders relevant to its disciplines, including industry and the hospital and primary healthcare sectors. Its courses are oriented towards practice and include significant industrial and clinical placements as a key component.

Staff are highly research active in the areas of physics, nanoscience, advanced materials science, optics, optical engineering and holography, optometry and eye research, medical physics, energy physics, clinical measurement, radiation and environmental science, biophysics, and health applications of data science. A founding member of the Focas Research Institute and the Environmental Sustainability & Health Institute, the school incorporates four Research Centres (Centre for Industrial & Engineering Optics, Radiation & Environmental Science Centre, NanoLab, and the Centre for Eye Research Ireland). The School is also home to the National Optometry Centre, a clinical training facility and centre-of-excellence for optometry.

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