Physics at Technological University Dublin is active in research areas from nanotechnology & materials science, optics, optical engineering and holography, medical physics, solar energy physics and renewable energy, environmental physics, biophysics, biophotonics, spectroscopy, device physics, and health applications of data science.

The School offers five honours degree programmes (Level 8) in physics that are accredited by the Institute of Physics and one programme at Level 7:

BSc (Hons) Physics with Energy & Environment

BSc (Hons) Physics Technology

BSc (Hons) Science with Nanotechnology

BSc (Hons) Physics with Medical Physics & Bioengineering

BSc (Hons) Physics with Data Science

BSc (Ord) Industrial & Environmental Physics

These degree programmes have been designed with industry input and emphasise the applied nature of the field. The Level 8 programmes include a seven month Structured Placement which includes opportunities for placement in industry, in the hospital sector, in governmental bodies, and research placements in other universities, as well as opportunities for travel abroad.