Starting at TU Dublin

Starting at TU Dublin

Starting college is an exciting time, but with some of your new-found freedoms, you may find college a difficult transition from school. Here is our guide to help you get the most out of those first few weeks in college.

Go to your orientation

We cannot stress how vital attending your course orientation is, it is your opportunity to meet your lecturers, your classmates and staff from various services at TU Dublin. You will also learn about what you'll be studying, get a tour of your new campus and instructions on how to use the library. Find out more about Orientation & Collecting your Student ID Card

Join a club or society

The best way to meet new people at college is to find a club or society where you can make friends with people with the same interests or hobbies. TU Dublin has over 55 sports clubs and dozens of societies with something for everyone, including the arts, fashion, photography and music, soccer, yoga, horticulture, basketball, tennis, and scuba diving. Find out more about our clubs and societites

Get into a study groove 

At this early stage, it may feel like ages away to your first set of exams, but the sooner you start getting yourself into a study pattern, the better off you will when exam time comes around.

Eat well

During your first couple of weeks, you may be bombarded with student offers from burger joints and greasy spoons, but if you're cooking for yourself for the first time it is an excellent time to get into a healthy eating habit. Sign up for supermarket emails to find out what's on offer each week so you can stock up on proteins, fresh produce and essentials for your kitchen press. Avoid shopping in convenience stores as they often charge a lot more for standard fare, for example, a bag of pasta may cost you less than a euro in a supermarket but €2 to €3 in a smaller shop.

Enjoy yourself and keep an open mind

If your friends are in TU Dublin with you, it is great to have someone to explore your new University with, but don't fall into the trap of mixing with the same crowd all the time. Have an open mind, join a club you might not know anyone else in or if a classmate asks you to join them for lunch take them up on the offer. Most of all relax and enjoy yourself!   

Adjusting to university life can sometimes be difficult, but TU Dublin works hard to make everything easier – through our counselling services and other student support services. If you ever find yourself struggling or under stress, remember that you’re not alone. We’ll be glad to assist in any way we can.

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