Support for Researchers

Support for Researchers

The library can support your research in a number of ways‌‌:

  • Scholarly profiling
  • Tracking and increasing your research impact.
  • Open Research support and information.
  • Publishing and APCs
  • Managing your research data.

For information on individual or group training sessions please contact:

Aisling Coyne, Open Scholarship Librarian, tel. (01) 220 7065

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Article Processing Charges and Open Access Publishing

  • TU Dublin is a member of IReL and has access to a number of Article Processing Charges (APCs) for use by current staff and students.
  • There is a spreadsheet available which lists EVERY journal that is covered by the IReL deals
  • If the journal you wish to publish in is NOT on that list, then payment of the APC will not be covered by TU Dublin and you will have to pay the fee.
  • Payment of APCs or other publication costs are otherwise NOT supported by TU Dublin.
  • Please remember that this is NOT the only way to make your work Open Access. There are many options available.
  • There is no need to spend money to make your work Open. The DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) lists over 11,000 journals without APCs.   
  • TU Dublin has an Open Access policy. This document outlines how you are asked to lodge your Author's Accepted Manuscript (AAM- the version that has passed through peer-review and has been accepted for publication but without any publishers' branding, formatting) into our Institutional Repository Arrow.
  • While some of these agreements allow unlimited OA publishing, several are based on a fixed number of OA articles per year, and in several cases our allocations for 2021 are due to run out before the end of the year. Once this happens the publishers will cease offering immediate OA on publication without charges. From January 2022, they will resume offering OA with a fresh 2022 allocation.
  • The agreements which will run out before the end of the year are: 
  • There remain alternative ways to make your work open access:
    • submitting to a disciplinary or institutional repository
    • if your publication was a result of funding, you may be able to use part of that funding to pay an author processing charge.

 For more information on your open access publishing options, please contact:

 Aisling Coyne, Open Scholarship Librarian., tel. (01) 220 7065