Access to the Library

Select the library location where you wish to book a study slot.

Access to the Library

TU Dublin libraries are open to current students and staff. COVID-19 restrictions are in place. You can access the Library and our Collections in one of two ways: 

1.  Quick Browse Slots:

Need to get your hands on a book quickly?  Our 15-minute Quick Browse slots allow you to quickly find and borrow what you need. 

  • No booking is required. 
  • Check library opening hours for when the Quick Browse slots are available in each library. 

2. Book a space for longer access:

Need to study in the library or need some extra time to browse our collections? You can book a slot using the online booking form. 

Individual spaces are available to book. Book a slot to access either a study or a computer space.  

  • There are 3 bookable slots per day. 
  • Visit the Library website to view the bookable slot times 
  • You can book more than one slot per day. 
  • You cannot book two spaces in the same time slot.  
  • Spaces can be booked up to a week in advance. 
  • Study and computer space availability is limited due to COVID-19 restrictions. If you cannot make your booked slot please cancel your booking so other students can make a booking.  
  • Make sure you check-in online when you arrive for your study slot.