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TU Dublin seeks to “Create a Better World Together” and make lasting contributions to technological, economic, social, and cultural progress and create a positive impact for all. Bearing that in mind, the Sustainable Development Goals were our blueprint for the development of our first Research and Innovation Strategy and establishment our priority areas for the next five years. 

TU Dublin has a large community of researchers working individually and in collaboration on a wide of range of challenging and pressing topics. The set of research priorities set out below have been formulated to focus on areas where we have the greatest capability and reputation for delivering at scale and to enable greater impact by being framed through a transdisciplinary lens to amplify our excellence and impact:

  • Culture, Innovation, and Inclusivity in a Changing Society
  • Health and Wellbeing for a Thriving Society
  • Materials and Technologies for Sustainable Transformation
  • Sustainable Food Systems and Environmental Protection
  • Transformative Digital Solutions

To find out more about our research expertise please visit PURE which provides a comprehensive source of information on all aspects of the TU Dublin’s research activity.