IEO Centre Lazer, FOCAS


TU Dublin is fortunate to be comprised of a large research community who work and learn in a practice-based and impact-oriented environment. We support them by housing research space and laboratories with the equipment necessary to allow researchers to apply their creativity and ingenuity to make real progress on solving key societal challenges.

We have Research Centres and Research Groups that operate within the Academic Schools with experts and capability to carry out research at the highest level. 

Our Research Hub leads manage a range of research infrastructures and support the development of cross-disciplinary teams of researchers and innovators to address complex challenges.

We have Technology Gateways CREST and MiCRA Biodiagnostics, Open Labs, the CREATE Lab and other specialist facilities where close to market R&D is facilitated with business and industry partners.

Explore the core facilities enabling our researchers to deliver cutting-edge results at Discover our Research.