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Our Impact

We are proud to say that in TU Dublin our research outputs make a significant contribution to new knowledge within and across disciplines including significant advances in understanding, methods, theory and application. Our research influences the development of policy, practice and service provision, how we engage with society, and contributes to the understanding of policy issues and helps to reframe and provide insight on debates and issues.

Research related to the economy and society has proven to be of benefit to individuals, organisations and nations. New products, technologies and processes have been developed and the applications of our research has led to a number of spin-off commercial activities, long-term collaborations, new technologies and diagnostic tools that have been validated by a wide range of industries.

Many of TU Dublin’s research outputs have found their way into products and services provided by companies with household names such as Sony and Cisco. Our researchers play a leading role in, and are currently contributing to the development and verification of standards including European-wide standards on the handling and safety of nanomaterials. New diagnostic tools have been developed for the agri-food and pharmaceutical sectors, and medical implants have been designed for surgery in our hospitals.

Our early education specialists were instrumental in the development of national childcare standards and pioneered the development of ‘Children Online’ safety protocols. They contribute regularly to the debates around a variety of public policy issues ranging from the economy to prison welfare. Our research outputs in tourism and literature promotes the dynamic musical life of Ireland, manifested in performance, musicology, pedagogy, and composition.