Dr Geraldine Gray

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Research Expertise - Data Analytics

Email: geraldine.gray@tudublin.ie

Tel: 01 2207377

I am head of Informatics at the School of Informatics and Cybersecurity, TU Dublin, with responsibility for our exciting suite of applied computing programmes that prepare students for meaningful careers solving the technical challenges of today and tomorrow.   

I have been based at TU Dublin's Blanchardstown campus since it opened in 1999, and am very proud of our positive impact on the diverse community we serve. Having previously worked in industry, I am a strong advocate of preparing students for careers in computing and not just how to perform well in an academic setting.  I care about constructive and connected learning, both inside and outside the classroom. 

During my time in TU Dublin I have been active in research, teaching, pedagogy, and programme development on both our undergraduate and post graduate computing degrees. Most of my recent teaching and research work has been in data science, and specifically in learning analytics – how can information hidden in our data be used to improve the learning experience for students, and enable them to optimise their learning goals.  

I have served as Principal Investigator on several funded projects with both industry and academic partners (worth over 1M), and have supervised over 40 MSc and PhD students. I am also actively involved in the Society of Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR). You can find over 50 of my publications on Google Scholar (https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=UM150MQAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=ao) including invited book chapters, journal publications and conference papers. 


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